2019 Updates of IVC Filter Settlements

From prevention to serious blood clot situations, to IVC filter lawsuit settlements – how does this journey happen for users of IVC filters? Before we go straight to it, let us learn more about the device itself. 

What are IVC Filters?

IVC filters are intended for patients with risks of pulmonary embolism who are unable to intake anticoagulant medications. The devices look like cages which help in collecting the blood thereby preventing them to enter the lungs. These devices are surgically placed in the inferior vena cava (the primary vein) that carries the deoxygenated blood from the lower part of the body to the heart.

Ironically, though these devices are aimed to prevent life-threatening situations caused due to blood clot, they have practically many complications questioning their effectiveness and leading the patients to eventually filing for IVC filter lawsuits.

What are the lawsuit settlements based on?

The IVC filter lawsuit settlements are based on allegations that the manufacturers or distributors have sold defective products. Apart from these, the physicians and surgeons can also be included on the basis of the fact that they had not notified about the potential adverse side effects of the filters.

Life-threatening injuries caused by these IVC filters issues:

a)    The device may fracture
b)    Broken parts of the device might migrate to other organs
c)    The struts can rupture veins and blood vessels
d)    IVC filter might not be retrievable


Under all these situations, a victim is entitled for financial compensation covering the following:

•    Present and upcoming medical bills and medications
•    Penalty for lost wages due to injury
•    Compensation for inability to earn
•    Deteriorated quality of life
•    Death

Damages are awarded for these significant complications:

•    Pulmonary embolisms
•    Heart attacks
•    Vena cava stenosis
•    IVC occlusion
•    Torn arteries
•    Internal bleeding

Filing a lawsuit and claiming for compensation:

The trusted legal teams like the ones at BloodClotFilter411.Info are always there for consultation. They gather medical history and other information to check whether or not you are eligible to file a lawsuit on IVC Filters. You might be entitled for financial compensation from the manufacturer of the faulty device.

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